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Make a Plan: Vacationers

Mobile County is a wonderful place to spend a vacation. Thank you for taking the time to look at our website to keep you safe while you are here. We hope you have a wonderful disaster-free visit.

Disasters can happen at any time. There are some key months for severe weather in our area:

  • Hurricane Season is from June 1 through November 30, though some tropical storms have formed even in May.
  • Severe Weather with thunderstorms can occur year-round but is most likely to occur in our spring and summer months.
  • Tornadoes can occur with hurricanes but also during months when cold fronts move into the area from November through April and with severe thunderstorms in the Summer.
  • Lightning can happen anytime, even when the skies are blue. It is good to check weather apps regularly if you are planning outside events, especially near or on water, or if you are playing outdoor sports.

Here are some tips before you travel to Mobile County:

Research your destination so that you understand the risks. The popular beach communities are in areas prone to storm surges and are usually the first to evacuate if a hurricane threatens. Be prepared for that possibility.

Get updated weather forecasts frequently from our app, local news channels in Mobile County and Mobile National Weather Service. Also, check the National Hurricane Center for any potential development of tropical systems.

Here are some tips while you are here on vacation:

Know where to get local information. Communicate with the manager of the place where you are staying. Check the Mobile County EMA website and app and Text “MOBILEALERT” to 226787 to receive community notifications.

Pack a travel-size emergency supply kit to include water, snacks, a first aid kit, a flashlight, extra batteries, and an emergency contact card with names and numbers. Remember to pack extra supplies that are critical to you and your family, such as prescription medications, baby needs etc.

Share your itinerary with your family and friends, and make sure they all know how to reach you.


If local officials announce that a hurricane could affect Mobile County, make plans to leave the area several days ahead of the storm. This will make your traveling easier and safer.

If you must stay in Mobile County during a hurricane, then it is in your best interest to follow local instructions, evacuate when advised, and seek safe shelter when directed to do so. Never consider staying in an area that is being ordered to evacuate. Storm surge poses a major risk to your life and safety in those vulnerable areas.

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